Godzilla has never taken on an enemy quite like this. Instead of stomping his way through the streets of Tokyo or battling Mothra or King Ghidorah, this Godzilla is attacking the luminous world of the late painter Thomas Kinkade.


Artist Ron Lemen painted this masterpiece a few years ago, when Kinkade was still alive and painting. And yes, it is a commentary on Kinkade's artwork:

My idea was changing the landscape of art, wiping away the old habits and bringing in something new. Actually, I took an old and wiped it away, the landscape filled with happy little cottages and such...and such ick...our world is oversaturated with this stuff, can we change that please?

Technically, Godzilla is older than Kinkade's artwork (and, in fact, older than Kinkade himself), but Lemen's comment seems to be less a strict matter of old vs. new and more a matter of traditional fine arts vs. modern popular arts. Or perhaps, he's using Godzilla simply as a vehicle to erase Kinkade's landscapes, only to have Godzilla be defeated by another pop art monster down the line.


Godzilla vs. Kincade [sic] [Ron Lemen via Xombie Dirge]