Godzilla Says Trans Rights

Godzilla, King of all Kaiju *and* all allies.
Godzilla, King of all Kaiju *and* all allies.
Screenshot: Cressa Maeve Beer/Toho

Well, skree-onked it. You know how the Big G is.

Pride month may be officially over, but the King of all Kaiju has sent it off in style, while reminding us of some important things to always remember even outside of it through the medium of stop-motion animation. Created by Cressa Maeve Beer, who previously made some excellent Godzilla shorts for Cinepocalypse, “Coming Out” sees Godzilla and Godzilla Jr. battling Baragon—but Godzilla pretty quickly realizes that Godzilla Jr.’s mind is elsewhere.


Turns out Godzilla Jr. just wants to—after watching some Sailor Moon to bolster her resolve, of course—share with her father her true self. A self that Godzilla embraces and supports, because sure, he might be King of the Monsters, but he’s not a monster. From adorably knitted Trans flags to bows in Godzilla Jr.’s hair, Godzilla is more than happy to support his daughter. Especially so when it comes to beating up Baragon.

At a time when transgender rights have been under attack at a federal and pop cultural level, it’s beautiful to see Toho openly supporting Beer’s work, and letting us know firmly: Godzilla protects the earth, and part of that means protecting trans people too.

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Arturo R. Garcia

As someone whose fandom in the Big G was cemented as early as 5 years old, let me just get in front of the other Olds and say: this short is fucking wonderful and fucking canon.