Godzilla: Resurgence's VFX Reel Shows the Hard Work of Annihilating Tokyo

Below the surface, the Godzilla films have always served as a commentary on everything from jingoism to the perils of nuclear weapons. But most of us only watch the movies the wanton destruction of entire cities, which is even more satisfying with the advent of modern computer-generated visual effects.


Long gone are the days of an actor in a rubber suit knocking over pyrotechnics-packed miniature buildings. These days complex computer simulations recreate exactly how a build would collapse were a giant lizard to have smashed its way through it, and this small peek at the countless visual effects created for Japan’s newest recent remake (known as Shin Godzilla there) are still a lot of fun, even when you know they’re fake.


[Vimeo via The Awesomer]

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The digital destruction scenes were really first rate. Godzilla himself was a bit more of a mixed bag. The motion capture/animation was generally pretty good, but there were several scenes where he moved too quickly and lost his sense of mass. They were almost like inserts of the accidentally undercranked footage in Godzilla Raids Again.

There was also some strangely jerky animation here and there. But overall, for the first real CGI effort in a Toho Godzilla, it was pretty good. (Whatever you think of the design of the stage one character, the CGI & animation of that was very good.)