Up from the depths
Thirty stories high
Breathing fire
His head in the sky
Godzilla! And Godzookie....

The Godzilla Collection includes the English and Japanese versions of 7 films | $21

If you're ready to cut the cord, Newegg will sell you everything you need to get started today for under $100. The Mohu Leaf is the most popular indoor antenna out there, and the Roku 3 is an excellent media player.

refurb Mohu Leaf | $28

refurb Roku 3 | $70

We've finally got a straight $25 discount on the Nest Learning Thermostat that doesn't come in the form of store credit or require promo code gymnastics. Even if you don't care about beautiful, intuitive objects replacing your ancient HVAC controls, the Nest pays for itself in the long run by saving you big bucks on your electric bill.

Nest Learning Thermostat | $224

Amazon's Android app store is having a hidden Easter sale, with great deals on apps and in-app purchases, in addition to free Amazon Coins available with a several of the selections. Here are some highlights, but you can click here to see the full list.

Have your eye on a new tablet? There are tons of options available today.

True HEPA air purifiers are the gold standard in eliminating allergens from your home, but they usually run $200 or more. If you've found yourself struggling with Spring allergies lately, you should jump on this deal.

If you have a little more cash to throw around, don't forget about Honeywell's new Bluetooth-enabled purifier.







Windows Phone



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