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Godzilla-Maru Deep Sea Drill Pokes the Ocean's Deepest Holes

Illustration for article titled Godzilla-Maru Deep Sea Drill Pokes the Oceans Deepest Holes

If Land of the Lost taught me anything, it's that cool things lurk just below the surface of the earth (and Will Ferrel is the greatest actor of his generation). That's where the Chikyu Hakken Deep Sea Drill comes in.


The Deep Sea Drilling Vessel D/V Chikyū Hakken ("Earth Discovery" aka "Godzilla-Maru") is a Japanese scientific drilling ship completed in 2005 for the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program and is operated by the Japanese Center for Deep Earth Research. It's designed to bore seven kilometers beneath the seabed and into the Earth's mantle, deeper than any past ocean-drilled hole. Once into the mantle, the Chikyu will study and collect samples from the seismogenic zone, shedding light on the internal structure of the planet and how it affects the formation of Earthquakes, as well as look for the presence of undiscovered life in the Earth's crust and deep-sea resources.

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Captain Tripps

I worry about the consequences. How do they plan to react if they, say, release some ancient demons from their sleep forever spell? Is there a global diet pill pyramid scheme already set up in advance to contain this threat?