Yes, it turns out that making nearly $200 million globally in your first weekend is enough to warrant a sequel, and Warner Bros. has put a second Godzilla movie in development.

But what does that mean? Very little at the moment, other than some bigwig at WB yelled "MAKE ME A SEQUEL," and now some lesser executives are tasked with finding a dump truck, filling it full of cash, and driving it over to Gareth Edwards' house to see if he'll direct it.


But where does Godzilla go from here? The universe Edwards has established in the first movie is, for lack of a better word, "realistic," and it doesn't seem to be a place where Gigan can come down from outer space or where we're going to build Mechagodzilla. Maybe Mothra? Or Hedorah, the Smog Monster, as some kind of horrible radioactive sentient pollution creature? Give your advice to Edwards in the comments below; I'm sure he's reading.

[Via Twitch]