Godzilla Finally Arrives To Stomp Your Gaming Table To Dust

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The arrival of Monsterpocalypse last month served to fill a void in the gaming world. But for some kaiju fans, there was still something missing - their favorite movie monsters. A new game is in development by veteran game designer Richard Berg that will feature Godzilla himself, along with some of his very tall friends. I'm hoping for Jet Jaguar.Berg is a prolific designer, who has won many awards. His Godzilla game is in the early stages of development: They're still running play-test sessions (and posting the results in the forums at boardgamegeek.com) and adjusting the rules for balance. There aren't any art assets or photos of the game yet, but we do know it'll be non-collectable (that is, you get the entire game and all available pieces in one box). Confirmed monsters include Godzilla, Rodan, King Ghidorah (aka Annalee's avatar), and Gigan. There will likely be miniatures representing the monsters, but no word on the scale or design of the pieces. A 2009 release is anticipated. The mechanics are intended to be relatively simple and fast moving. Players split a set number of action points per turn between their monsters and military units. Monsters collect victory points by trashing buildings, stomping tanks and beating each other up with fists, nuclear breath, claws and other attacks. Monster-on-monster combat involves playing a series of attack cards that define how many dice you roll. Everyone rolls a pile of dice and figures out how many hits they've scored. Just give me King Caesar and Mechagodzilla and I'm yours, Mr. Berg. Initial Playtest Report. [boardgamegeek]


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I've been highly anticipating this since hearing of Monsterpocalypse!