Godzilla Battles Spaceships and Giant Robots In the Latest Monster Planet Trailer

Image: Still via Youtube
Image: Still via Youtube
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If you somehow weren’t convinced that the King of all Kaiju’s animated movie debut would not be sufficiently anime, the bit where he smashes up shit while energetic J-Pop thumps in the background of this trailer is just for you.

The first trailer for Godzilla: Monster Planet barely had any of the big guy in it, save for the customary skree-onk smash cut at the very end, but this one gives us a much clearer look at the gnarly new take on Godzilla.

Set in a far future years and years after humanity was forced to flee Earth when Godzilla first appeared, Monster Planet follows an army of humans returning to their ancestral world to find it overgrown with jungles and monsters. Godzilla, naturally—after all, he is the king of all monsters—rules the roost on this Earth, leaving our poor, scrappy soldiers in a tight spot as they try to fight off the planet’s new population.


No matter how many boppy Japanese songs they bring with them, I think the odds are in Godzilla’s favor. Godzilla: Monster Planet hits Japanese theaters November 17, and will launch internationally on Netflix at an as-yet unspecified time after that.

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Ok, so let me see if I understand the plot with this one correctly.

The remnants of humanity leave Earth, because Godzilla just be doing his thing, go to another planet, see that the new planet is shit, decide to go back to Earth with the same technology we had when we left, but with even fewer resources and thinking, “we got this.”

Alright, then. Good luck with that, folks.