William Gibson's Neuromancer has inspired generations of writers, with its visions of artificial intelligence and the rough edges of cyberspace. But it's also inspired a ton of artists — especially in recent years. Here's our absolute favorite art inspired by Gibson's masterpiece.

Top image: The Sprawl by IgnisFerroque on Deviant Art.

Actually, even just a few years ago, we'd find ourselves searching for a cool image to represent Neuromancer and coming up with the same handful of book cover images. It really seems to be just the past few years that a ton of amazing concept artists have been turning their hands to this classic novel. See for yourself!

Neuromancerby byouin on Deviant Art

Accidental Disconnectionby Lehanan on Deviant Art.

Illustration by marzie_e from the CGHub Neuromancer challenge.

Illustration by Rahmatozz from the CGHub Neuromancer challenge.

Case and Molly on the Sprawl by royalboiler at Deviant Art.

Chiba, by TimoK from the CGHub Neuromancer challenge.

Neuromancer wallpaper by adrius15 on Deviant Art. From left to right: Armitage, Molly, Riviera, and Case

By MrBrown from the CGHub Neuromancer challenge.

Chiba by sourgasm from the CGHub Neuromancer challenge.

"Welcome to Freeside!" by to-to from the CGHub Neuromancer challenge.

Chiba by PHATandy on Deviant Art.

Nightclub by PHATandy on Deviant Art.

The ICE by BrunoSilva on CG Hub

Case by Miles-Johnston on Deviant Art.

Neuromancerby Ethlinn on Deviant Art. Click over there to see a lovely quote from the book.

Molly by quicsilver on Deviant Art.

Chiba streets blues by RBranco on CGHub

Screaming Fist by Maxim-Lysak on Deviant Art

Awesome cover art by DavidSimpson2112 on Deviant Art.

Arcade by mmccain on CGHub

Molly Millions by Hirgonn on CGHub

Cyberpunk2 by kuatolives on CGHub

Neuromancer by komardin on Deviant Art

One page of a Neuromancer comic by Cervo86 at Deviant Art. See more at the link.

Art by Juan Gimenez

Molly Millions, as "Cat Mother" breaking into Sencenet corp. fortress for capturing a mind-construct of "Dixi Flatline". By Maxim-Lysak on Deviant Art.

Entering Cyberspace by Undercurrent-32 on Deviant Art

Wintermute by scatyricon on Deviant Art

Night City by Josh-Finney on Deviant Art

Case on the Chatsubo's Bar by Dumaker on Deviant Art

Quote from Neuromancer, by cocco91 on Deviant Art

Molly Millions by conzpiracy on Deviant Art.