God Help Us, Emma Swan's Back on Once Upon a Time

All Photos Courtesy EW
All Photos Courtesy EW

Why, Emma Swan, WHYYYYY?

Why are you here?

Why are you holding Hook’s weird hook hand?

Why are you face-hugging Adult Henry in front of a cottage in the middle of the woods?

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Please explain, show.

“What we’re not doing is a flashback story where we’re seeing stuff prior to, or during, the previous six seasons,” Once Upon a Time executive producer Edward Kitsis told Entertainment Weekly, possibly while twirling a giant curly mustache. “We’re moving forward past the end of season six, seeing what happened with Emma and Hook, and how it relates to the events in Hyperion Heights. It’s an emotional curtain call.”



I know it’s weird that Emma, Snow White, Prince Charming, Belle, and just about everybody else from Once Upon a Time isn’t coming back after their sorta happy endings. I know it’s stupid as fuck that they’re continuing the show with, like, three of the original actors for basically no reason that doesn’t include cartoon dollar signs floating above their heads.

But most of all, I know this season is going to be garbage and the show will probably not survive.

So, Jennifer Morrison, what are you doing? You were free. You’d escaped the confines of this glass slipper prison. You don’t need to give them closure. They killed your first boyfriend, they fucked up Dark Swan. You owe them nothing.



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F'mal DeHyde

I’ve watched every episode and I don’t remember how last season ended. I hope that means the show is boring and I’m not tipping over into early onset Alzheimer’s.