Go On A Wild Date With Get Smart's "Uncle Handsome"

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson shares a behind the scene look into how he crafted Agent 23 for the comedy Get Smart — or, as he calls him, "Uncle Handsome." Watch in a special clip as Agent 23 throws people against walls, staples a mans head, and gets into random bouts of silliness with Agent 86 (Steve Carell). Johnson was expertly cast in this role as the handsome devil 23 and it's cute to watch him get his feathers ruffled when this massive field agent is forced to sit at a desk and do paperwork at Control. But I'm much happier knowing the brunt of the comedy work will be left in Carell's hands.


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Jack B. Quick

This is better. The last trailer pretty much sucked, whereas the first one rocked. This clip does a lot to turn my expectations back up :-)

@EBone: He was pretty much the only good thing about that Get Shorty-follow-up that I can't even be bothered trying to recall the name of. But he was fantastic in it. And The Scorpion King was more Conan than Arnold...! Cheesy, hell yes, but not half as cheesy as Kull. The Rock's OK in my book.