Go Behind The Scenes Of Doctor Who's Season Opener

The BBC has posted a ton of behind-the-scenes clips of Matt Smith's first episode as Doctor Who, "The Eleventh Hour." They include more of Smith's gangly running, Karen Gillan's "police-woman" uniform, elaborate greenscreen stunts and more. Spoilers ahead...

The clip above comes from BBC News.

And the show also posted a ton of behind-the-scenes material on its "Video Explorer" site, showcasing the making of the huge first scene from the episode, which we showed you the other day. Amazingly, the sequence of the Doctor hanging out of the TARDIS as it flies over London turns out to be a bit complicated.


Producer Nikki Wilson:


Steven Moffat:

Aerial Operator:

Doctor Who's new season launches this Saturday in the UK and April 17 on BBC America.

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Jack B. Quick

*Anticipation overload* Charlie, we better get that recap out there faster than anything! I feel like a little school-girl.