Glowing Jetpack Kitty Commands You to Love Science

The webcomics world has gifted us with a bevy of science-themed t-shirts, including this glow-in-the-dark proof that science is awesome. Also, the world's most romantic shirt about radiation poisoning, and the real reasons mammals survived when the dinosaurs went extinct.

These shirts all come from TopatoCo, which sells products from various webcomics creators. There are plenty more science and science-fiction themed shirts to be had, but here are some of the latest and greatest:


The awesome science kitty t-shirt is by Jeph Jacques, creator of Questionable Content, a webcomic about friendship, coffee, and perverted robots. $18.75 from TopatoCo.

Kate Beaton writes hilarious and irreverent comics about famous (and occasionally obscure) historical figures in Hark! A Vagrant. She's also a big believer in love in the face of radiation sickness, as evidenced by her Curies shirt. $19.75 from TopatoCo.


And this bit of Schultzy humor comes from Dresden Codak's Aaron Diaz, who drew it as a tribute to Kate Beaton's historical liberties. $18.75 from TopatoCo.


Now come on, did you really think that mammals survived the dinosaur apocalypse by burrowing underground? Zach Weiner of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal reveals the very real debt we owe our reptilian saviors. $18.50 from TopatoCo.

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