Over the weekend, a woman named Pam in San Antonio, Texas, filmed what can only be described as a floating faerie orb in her backyard. She writes:

While filming in the distance saw what at first appeared to be possible feather fluttering in the wind saw due to its flight pattern it wasn't— so removed camera from tripod and filmed this cute small white Orb around 7 pm.. It was fairly close to me downstairs in courtyard..


UFO? Dryads, or tree nymphs, experimenting with flight?

Over at UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock, the investigators spoke with Pam and asked her why she's so good at capturing orbs on video. Apparently she may be able to "call" them, especially the friendly ones. Occasionally she hears voices coming from the orbs too. Read the full interview with Pam, and find out more about this strange phenomenon at UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock.

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