Glowing Band Aids Will Cure Your Cancer

It sounds like the start of a bad joke (or worse, a bad science-fiction movie), but pretty soon, it won't take more than some light-sensitive drugs, some band-aids and a power outlet to cure cancer.

The claim comes following scientists experimenting with special band-aids embedded with light-emitting diodes that can be used as part of photodynamic therapy, which allows light-sensitive creams to destroy tumors when exposed to certain light. British company Polymertronics has been working on the creation of the special band-aids for some time, and lab tests have been successful enough to warrant the imminent start of human testing. The company hopes to get the product to market within two years, and they have reason to want to hurry; another British company, Lumicure, is already working on a similar product.


Glowing band aid to zap skin cancer [New Scientist]

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