Glorious New Footage of Rogue One's Space Battle

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Sure, the moments of X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter action in the skies of Takodana during The Force Awakens were pretty neat—but the natural home of the Star Wars galaxy’s coolest starfighters is, as the name implies, among the stars. So every time we get new snippets of Rogue One teasing its obviously epic space battle, I can’t help but get even more excited.


We’ve got two more international trailers for the film today, but while they don’t contain as much cryptic new footage from the film as yesterday’s Japanese trailer did, they do contain new shots of the Rebels and Imperials doing battle over what presumably is the planet Scarif, home of the Empire’s Death Star construction project.


The first shot above is pretty gorgeous, but then there’s this new one, too—a veritable swarm of TIE fighters rising out to meet the Rebel fleet.

I love X-Wings (almost as much as my colleague Katharine does), so to see that we’re going to get what looks like an honest-to-god proper X-Wing/TIE Fighter space battle in Rogue One excites me even more than all the other footage put together. Check out the two new spots below:

Rogue One hits theaters December 16th.


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Is there a nu-canon reasoning behind why the rebellion has completely different ships than the Empire? With the T-70, Force Awakens pretty much confirmed that there’s a specific manufacturing infrastructure pumping out these As, Xs, and Ys.

I grew up thinking the rebellion was using essentially antiquated ships from the clone wars... but none of these ships appeared during the clone wars, either, so I can only assume these things are all factory-fresh.

Shouldn’t the Empire take out these A/X/Y ship yards....?