Glitch furniture makes your bedroom look like it's malfunctioning [Update]

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Furniture designer Ferruccio Laviani is creating this hand-carved storage unit so that it appears that you're looking at a warped image. Could you have this in your home without it driving you completely nuts?


What you see above is a 3D rendering, but soon it won't be.

Laviani works for furniture design house Fratelli Boffi, and created this piece, titled "Good Vibrations," for the 2013 Furniture Exhibition. The unit is designed to be disorienting (which it is) as well as comforting. (Perhaps in the same way a well worn video cassette is comforting?) Fratelli Boffi stresses the contrast of the piece, that it represents deformity and incredible craftsmanship at the same time. But I can't look at it without feeling that something has gone very much awry with reality, and that perhaps we're all living in a simulation after all.


Update: Colossal reports that Studio Laviani has announced that this is a 3D rendering of a piece in progress (which explains why the effect doesn't look Photoshopped, but addresses the wood grain issues discussed in the comments), so we'll have to wait until it debuts in April to see the final image. [via MetaFilter]

Illustration for article titled Glitch furniture makes your bedroom look like its malfunctioning [Update]

Good Vibrations Storage Unit [MOCO Vote via Nerdcore]

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Chris Cosgrave

"Hand-carved"? I read the description on the page that's linked, and nowhere is it described as hand-carved. Hand-carved is used in the description at the link, but it looks like they have no real info beyond what's found at the original link, and they most likely got "hand-carved" from the nerdcore posting, which again, doesn't have any real info beyond what's on the mocovote page. So, let's follow the trail, shall we? mocovote/nerdcore/dangerousminds/io9.

I know a lot of folks would think I'm being nit-picky, but I think this stuff matters. Once you make the first dollar with your 'blog', I think we have to start demanding that a certain journalistic and editorial standard be met.