Last Year's Breakout Novel Girl With All The Gifts Is Becoming A Movie

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The Girl With All The Gifts by M.R. Carey was easily one of our favorite novels published last year — and Joss Whedon agreed with us. So it's fantastic news that this book is becoming a movie called She Who Brings Gifts, starring Glenn Close.


According to reports in Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, besides Close, Gemma Arterton (The Voices) and Paddy Considine (Pride) will star, and the director will be Colm McCarthy; it's his first feature but he's a veteran of British TV (he helmed "The Sign of Three," the Sherlock episode containing one of history's most awkward/awesome best-man speeches ever).

THR describes the best-selling source material thusly:

Set in a dystopian future in which much of humanity has been wiped out by a deadly fungus, it tells the story of Melanie, an infected girl with a genius-level IQ who is "full of questions about the world."

For more on the book, check out our glowing review here.



I'm a huge fan of his comics Lucifer and The Unwritten and the Felix Castor novels are good stuff, but why does Mike Carey have all these pseudonyms? He has also written books under the name Adam Blake. The only reason I know this is because I accidentally stumbled onto the fact. It makes it hard to keep track of his work. is this a contractual thing? Does he not want to be typecast as a certain kind of writer? Does anyone know?

I'll have to pick this book up soon.