Glass shells let you see hermit crabs like you've never seen them before

When I was little, I fascinated by hermit crabs, tugging them out of their borrowed shells so I could see the soft bodies within. If I'd had access to Robert DuGrenier's blown glass shells, I might have spared many a hermit crab from trauma.

DuGrenier, a glass artist, carefully constructed his glass shells to mimic the spiral shells preferred by land hermit crabs. As the video shows, the glass shells allow a somewhat different view, so you finally get to see what the back end of your crab is doing. The shells start at $14.50 and are available in plain clear glass or with stripes or spots of color. If you prefer simply to dress up your hermit crab rather than see it naked, you can also get opaque gold and platinum-colored glass shells.


Hermit Crab Shells made of Blown Glass [via Laughing Squid]

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