Glamorize your extinction!

I don't really know how to feel about Vampire Diaries' bad boy Ian Somerhalder's "Generation Extinction" campaign. First, what message does it send when the guy famous for playing a bloodthirsty vampire is pimping joining the extinction generation? Second, is snarly shirtlessness going to save the frogs?

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Look I love a naked Damon as much as the next Vampire Diaries fan, but huh? The message here seems to be that extinction is totally awesome. You don't name a generation after something you're rejecting, Ian. The Lost Generation was lost. The Me Generation was self-obsessed. Generation X didn't know what the hell was up, and didn't care. These names defined those generations. That means Generation Extinction refers to a whole demographic that is embracing mass death, not rejecting it. Which is maybe why they are all watching TV shows about sexy vampires and zombies?


Of course it's great that Ian and other celebrities care about the rise in extinction rates and want to do something about it. But glamorizing extinction may not be the best way to get the message across.

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He's talking about the mass extinction of other species, not us.