Giving Away Toys Can Get You Toys, Thanks to Geeks for Tots

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They say the Holidays are all about friends and family, but that's a hard thing to remember if you're a kid with nothing to open on Christmas morning. Toys matter, which is why donating to Toys for Tots to help families in need give their kids presents is such a great thing to do (especially now, after Hurrican Sandy). But did you know that by giving toys to Toys for Toys, you can also get free toys and collectibles for yourself?

It's true, thanks to Geeks for Tots, a website that hopes to encourage nerds to donate toys for the less fortunate by offering some seriously sweet prizes. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself dropping off toys at an official Toys for Tots location, or scan the receipt you get for a cash donation, and email either of them to, and you'll be entered to win one of three great prize-packs (detailed here), donated by online stores.

Look, if you're a toy nut like me, you know what a few action figures, dolls and games can mean to a kid, especially on Christmas. It's a great thing to do, and kudos to the guys at Geeks for Tots for trying to make it even more worth your while. You can look for your nearest Toys for Tots donation center here - just sayin'.


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I just donated 181 Star Wars figures. Everything from the red-carded POTF2 when they restarted the line back in the nineties up through Clone Wars. They'd been sitting in boxes in my closet for the last decade and then some. It seemed silly to just keep storing them when I think kids would still be excited by them even if they are old.