Give Me My Full-Scale Enterprise NOW

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Bored of next year's Star Trek movie already, just because of all the attention paid to the release of last week's trailer? Well, raise your critical deflectors and brace yourself, because that's just the start of a full-scale charm offensive that - on the off-chance that JJ Abrams isn't just screwing with reporters - may include a full-scale replica of the Enterprise. Set phasers on stunned.Talking to the Hollywood Reporter about the concern that releasing a trailer six months before the movie may lessen the impact of May's release, Abrams said,

'Jaws' was a book before it was a movie, and people knew what happened to the Titanic... You can argue that for some of the most successful movies ever, it wasn't that their stories were secret, it's that the experience was fun or a thrill. So I'm praying that we're not going to blow it by revealing some of the secrets, but you can't have it both ways — you can't show the footage to try and make people understand and not give away something. The good news is, there's so much that we're not saying. I think that the risk is ultimately worth it.


So much that isn't being said? Don't people who pay attention to Morning Spoilers already know, like, the entire plot of the movie by now? Abrams hints that he's not just talking about the film itself:

Oh, there's a whole crazy campaign that is going to ... It's insane. We have a life-size Enterprise, but I'm not allowed to talk about it.

Now, given the realities of building a life-size Enterprise, I know that he has to be making a joke. After all, there's no way that Paramount could even afford to attempt a project of that scale. But yet... A life-size Enterprise. Dare we dream?



I lurve me the new Enterprise (if that is indeed it).