Give Generously, And Bring Home Your Own Personal Vision Of Hell

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It's not every day that you get to help out refugees and get your own personalized piece of the apocalypse at the same time. Total Oblivlion, More Or Less author Alan DeNiro has come up with a novel fundraising idea.


Total Oblivion, which has been getting rave reviews so far, deals with the problems of refugees pretty directly, as you can see from the synopsis:

In the summer between Macy Palmer's junior and senior year of high school in Minnesota, Scythians, Thracians, and other ancient European tribes invade the Midwest. America becomes a ravaged land where modern technology barely works, a strange plague is rampant, and American citizens flee for their lives. Many end up doing what the Empire – which comes equally out of nowhere to keep the peace – tells them to do. Macy and her family find themselves torn from their ordinary lives and in a refugee camp just outside of Minneapolis. They end up making a desperate journey down the Mississippi River, which has mutated into a dangerous waterway.

Macy loves her dysfunctional family but has to make difficult decisions about them during almost unbearable times. Through her journeys, she finds medieval skyscrapers and fast food joints run by horse lords, befriends an enigmatic submarine captain on the river, and stumbles onto a bizarre religious festival called Promcoming. None of those wonders, however, challenge her as much as just growing up, and keeping her compassion intact while doing so.


So DeNiro decided to combine his promotional efforts for the book with fundraising for Mercy Corps, which helps marginalized populations, including refugees, all over the world. But that's not all. If you make a donation to Mercy Corps via DeNiro's fundraising page, he'll write a special story fragment from the world of Total Oblivion, just for you. DeNiro explains:

In order to provide a more direct engagement with the book, in whose spirit this fundraiser is taking place, if you make a donation on this page, drop me a quick note ( and I'll send you something extra: a one-of-a-kind paragraph of ephemera and apocrypha set in the world of the novel, made just for you! It could be anything. And I can send it by post or email. I'm easy. (River transport of mail post is forthcoming.) Just let me know which you'd prefer and I'll get it out to you in about a week. So hopefully we can, in some small way, assist others in making an impactful change.

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crashedpc /sarcasm

Damn, that's one helluva mix of ideas, and an awesome little promotion. I would like to be a robot made of cotton candy.