'Girls Just Want to Have Guns'—The Boys Will Arm the Girls

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Hear me out on this: guns, but for womenfolk. Can you believe it!

The Boys creator Eric Kripke previewed a few images from the upcoming season three of the Amazon series and guess what? Your mom’s friend Jan has been compromised. You can’t spell “insurrection” without in and yas girlboss, shoot the house down, mama, these guns are in.


GalGear by Vought is here to solve all your problems. Problems like “people finding out you created your superheroes and your company needs to do a serious rebrand,” or “my gun is simply too macho for my delicate lady fingers.” Don’t worry—Vought’s got you.

Between the addition of Jensen Ackles, the show taking on Herogasm (a drug-fueled island orgy for supes), and now GalGunsForTheGirlyGunGal, season three is truly something for the laydeez.

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