Christina Ricci wants you to know how her character in Speed Racer gets to kung fu fight, fly a helicopter, and wear matching lipstick. She even has "a specific outfit that she wears when she flies the helicopter." Ricci says the film celebrates her "as a girl and a woman," and adds that the Mom character "always has her apron on." So girls can punch and fly, as long as they have an outfit ready, especially for kitchen work. Not only that, but apparently this flick makes boys cry.

A 15 minute long portion of the film was shown to some of the cast and crew, and according to Ricci, "A lot of guys were crying at the end of the 15 minute [reel] because there's this real guy-sad thing." What's a sad guy thing that's not a sad girl thing? Does Speed lose his penis during one of the races and get told that he can't have any Speed Juniors? Inquiring minds want to know what's going on. The movie looks like a technicolor vomit comet that merged with a hyperactive video game, but we're not saying that's necessarily a bad thing. As long as the lipstick matches the hurl.


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