Girl Comics Editor: The Title Could've Been Worse

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The announcement of Marvel Comics' three-issue Girl Comics anthology was roundly criticized for sexism in everything from intent to title, but as editor Janine Schaefer showed in a recent interview, she knew what she was getting into.


Talking to Comic Book Resources, Schaefer said,

When the other editors on the project and I decided we wanted to go with [the title] "Girl Comics," we were ready for the extreme polarizing effect it would have, especially on the internet. It was one of the first titles we thought of (the actual first one, I think), because it pulled double-duty: not only was it the name of an old Marvel romance title, it has a word in it that we could take back. I use the word "girl" all the time, and no, not all women are going to be comfortable with that, but it's not coming from a place of trying to marginalize anyone, or to put anyone in her place (I think we've all had enough of that). Why can't we call ourselves girls? Why can't we have fun with something that we all love to do? Just today we were joking that we should have called it "People With Careers Who Are Also Women Tell Stories." That way, we could have made it the least fun possible, but hopefully not have offended anyone.


On the one hand, those who were offended by the name in the first place aren't necessarily going to be satisfied with that explanation, but on the other, I really would've liked to have to seen someone turn People With Careers Who Are Also Women Tell Stories into a workable logo.

Jeanine Schaefer on "Girl Comics" [Comic Book Resources]

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Jeremy Tapsell

I'm not offended, but I never knew that girls needed an exclusive title.

I just assumed all comics were for both sexes. Is there a difference between comics and girls comics?