Gillian Flynn, author of such blockbuster books as Gone Girl, Sharp Objects and Dark Spaces, has just sold the rights to her short story, The Grownup to Universal Pictures for “high-six figures”.

The short story follows a con artist who comes across what she thinks is an easy mark. When she accompanies the woman to the creepy Victorian mansion that seems to be the source of her troubles, she comes to believe that there’s more to the problem than she initially thought.

The story originally appeared in George R.R. Martin’s anthology, Rogues as ‘What Do You Do?’. Now that is appears to be headed for Hollywood, Natalie Krinsky is slated to pen the adaptation, while Flynn and Mike De Luca (Social Network, Moneyball, and a number of others) are slated to produce the film. Universal Pictures came out on top over Paramount and TriStar in a bidding war for the project.

The enormous amount of money for Flynn’s short story makes some amount of sense: Gone Girl was a huge success at the box office when it was released in 2014, while the novel was the most talked about book of 2012, spending weeks at the top of the bestseller lists. Clearly, Universal Pictures is looking to recapture that appeal.


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