Gigantor Lives Again, Thanks To Ghost In The Shell Director

Innovative director Mamoru Oshii is taking on one of anime's best-loved robots from the Tetsujin 28-gō series, or as Americans know it Gigantor. The Iron Giant can suck it — this is our boy-robot love story of choice.

Anime News is announcing that the kick-ass director of Sky Crawlers, Ghost in the Shell and the hotly anticipated Assault Girls film, Mamoru Oshii, is taking on a live action retelling of this classic robot. Which means it will most likely be massively better than the Imagi CG film we've been waiting for, which sadly just looked creepy in this teaser trailer.


The director has already adapted the material once before, mounting a stage production just earlier this year. The show featured a 6-metre tall (i.e., one-third scale) stage robot that was reportedly capable of free standing movement.

The story's hero is little Shotaro Kaneda, whose scientist father dies after spending his life building the ultimate weapon, a giant robot. After his passing, the robot is then given to the son, who uses it exactly the way you or I would: to fight crime and other evil robots. Originally titled Tetsujin 28-gō, this manga was created by Mitsuteru Yokoyama in the 50s. Then it was adapted to an anime series, and later translated to the states as Gigantor.

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