Gandalf Pipe Prop Replica. Now you can light up in style and say good morning like a real wizard.

Gollum mug. Your precious coffee is safe in here

Elven Leaf Brooch. When you can't get the gift of Elven immortality, get the gift of appearances.

Moleskin notebook. Let Smaug guard your secrets until someone comes and shoots your notebook with an arrow.

Escape from Mirkwood LEGO set. Live the movie before it even comes out, in LEGO form.

The Maps of Middle-earth. Maps as beautiful as Galadriel and as detailed as the books

King Thranduil statue. Make any room 30% more smug with this Elf King

Key to Erebor replica. If there is a key, it must be a gift.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition with amazon exclusive Bilbo/Gollum statue. Your LotR marathon just got that much longer

The Hobbit letter opener set. Now you'll know if your mail has goblins in it.

Bombur barrel rider. Oh Bombur, you'll never get out of that barrel now.

Ring Wraith premium statue. This thing is stupid expensive, but gorgeous