Batman Arkham Origins. Give the gift of justice this holiday season

Marvel comics 16-ounce glass set. Being a hero is hard, so unwind after a long day chasing bad guys with these.

Batman money clip. This is the coolest way to hold your money.

Iron Man 3 blu-ray. Anything witty we could say would pale in comparison to what RDJ could say.

Avengers night lights. The coolest way to keep the darkness at bay

Comic book bowties. Bowties are cool, and so are superheroes

Man of Steel blu-ray. Be an example to the world.

Agents of SHIELD shirt. You might make a better agent in this shirt than the actual agents (that aren't Coulson).

All your Loki apparel needs. We are now burdened with glorious purchase(s).

Scribblenauts Unmasked. Join literally every character in the DC universe in this videogame adventure.