Illustration for article titled Giant theremin appears in Melbourne. Australia now 67 percent spookier.

A 23-foot tall theremin has taken up residence in Melbourne, on the banks of the Yarra River. It makes the trademark disturbing woo-woo sounds you remember from 1950s science fiction movies, in response to anyone who moves or dances near it. In essence, you control it by dancing in its vicinity.


Artist Robin Fox tells the ABC that the seven meter (23 foot) theremin had to be modified somewhat from the standard design because:

Our research showed that if we were to make a seven metre tall theremin, that was pumping out that sort of elctro magnetic field, we'd probably microwave people, so that wasn't really practical.


The theremin will be freaking out people in Melbourne for three months. You can hear a sample of its electronic ululations at the link. [ABC]

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