Giant Squid Turned Into Plastinated Taxidermy Exhibit

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A kraken of the deep is going Beverly Hills. Celebrity taxidermist Gunther von Hagens has plastinated two giant squids. One of these silicon-enhanced squids is slated to tour with von Hagen's Body Worlds exhibit.

In 2004, von Hagens acquired two specimens of Architeuthis dux to fill with silicone. One of these squids will travel with von Hagens' Body Worlds tour; the other will presumably take the world of necrotic cephalopod modeling by storm. More photos of the preserved squids are available via New Scientist.

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Body Worlds was one of three museum exhibits to give me nightmares. The others were the life-sized underwater dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum and the Salvador Dali exhibit at the art gallery.

See, my parents took me when I was like 11. Thing is, they neglected to tell me they were actual people, not just models. I was halfway through when I finally gathered from the little placard by the Winged Man (the guy who'd been split down the middle, with his ribs splayed like wings) that I was, in fact, looking at real dead babies and death row inmates. I started crying and wet my pants in a crowded room and couldn't find my parents for at least five minutes, though it felt like an hour.