Giant Monsters Destroy All Cities

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Giant monsters stomping across your gaming table, thrashing each other and destroying an entire city in the process: Is this heaven? Nope, just Monsterpocalypse, a forthcoming collectible miniatures game of kaiju combat by Privateer Press. The pre-painted collectible minis and the buildings they will stomp will come in random booster packs starting this fall. Privateer is ramping up for a grand roll-out, with a comic book series and promo monsters to get the kaiju fans drooling.

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While the rules for Monsterpocalypse haven't been completed yet, a few things are known. Monsters come in factions, such as alien invaders, cybernetically enhanced giant humans, dinosaurs or robotic military units (plus a monster that looks suspiciously like Cthulhu). Players will control smaller monsters or tanks along with their main monsters. Trashing a building will generate a power-up for your monster, and monsters will have "Alpha," "HyperMega," and "UltraMega" forms.

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Anyone who collects all three issues of the comic book series will be able to get a limited edition monster. You can learn more at the official site, or read game designer Erik Yaple's blog about the Monsterpocalypse design process. I'm already saving my pennies to buy a case of this when it comes out, but if Privateer could get the license from Toho to make minis of the classic Godzilla monsters, this would officially be the Greatest Game In the Universe. Images by: Privateer Press.

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Jack B. Quick

@Miranda Kali: I loved Rampage! They should totally do a Rampage movie adaptation.

Or maybe not; I can only imagine how much awesomeness Michael Bay could fit into something like that.

Or JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves could do it completely from the monster POV, so they could "reinvent" perspective again. Maybe that's actually true, and it's Cloverfield 2.