Tired of those giant monsters only attacking the big cities and ignoring the heartland of America? So is one film-maker in Madison, Wisconsin, apparently. Eric Lim brought the world-crushing kaiju action to Greenside City, which looks remarkably like his hometown of Madison, in his new film Zero Trooper-F, which just premiered last month.

Says The Daily Page, the 39-minute Zero Trooper-F starts with a "fuzzy white kaiju" that's leveling the city of Greenside. A squadron of fighter jets is called in to fight the giant monster, but to no avail. Meanwhile, a genius scientist named Dr. Abrams (Rob O'Brien) is a local celebrity for his work to defend the city from giant monsters in the past. He's just created his greatest invention — a device that will help the army's Zero Troopers (who wear super-armor similar to the Power Rangers) to fight the giant monster "on equal terms." But Abrams suffers a crisis of confidence, and quits the Troopers just as the giant monster's rampage reaches even greater heights. Here's a trailer, which sadly shows no kaiju scenes:


The movie's special effects are a throwback to the pre-CGI monster movie days. And the Daily Page adds:

The downtown cityscape of Madison is itself a star, with both the monster and its Zero Trooper combatant stepping over, around, and through many of the newer apartment high-rises sprouting along the periphery of the UW campus.

As long as the monster doesn't trample the macaroni-and-cheese pizza place, we'll be fine. Lim is also working on a full-length sequel called Greenside, a "dark scifi" movie which takes place 50 years in the future, when Zero Troopers are mass produced and there's a giant biodome. [The Daily Page]