Giant Monster-Alien Smackdown... In Your Face!

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Now that you've been spat on by Brendan Fraser and you're all pumped up for 3-D movies, you're ready to discover the true use of 3-D: depicting a 50-foot-tall woman fighting evil aliens. Dreamworks is putting the finishing touches on Monsters vs. Aliens, its 3-D epic whose title is self-explanatory. Based on the comic Rex Havoc And The Ass-Kickers Of The Fantastic, the movie features an alien attack, and the only way to save Earth is to bring some 1950s giant monsters out of cold storage.


UGO saw some footage from the movie and came up with a new synopsis:

When an alien ship lands on Earth, and no human weapons can save us, the government calls in their secret weapon. Locked away, some for decades, are the monsters we remember from the Godzilla era. A giant woman, a monstrous bug, (who is merely teething...on skyscrapers) a brilliant doctor who, in his attempt to give humans the relatively long life span of a cockroach, gives himself a bug head, and a blob named B.O.B., who is the result of a genetically altered tomato and a ranch-flavored desert topping gone wrong.

After the amazing Wall-E, it seems like we're in for a deluge of horrendous animated scifi movies about bugs and chimps. But Monsters Vs. Aliens could actually be an exception, thanks to an awesome supply of giant monsterness.





I personally feel that there is nothing more equivalent to the group which brought us WWII AND the Holocaust than a bunch of women who point out — sometimes even *stridently* — ways in which females both real and fictional are treated like objects and/or accessories!


I think the movie looks like a lot of fun, and I plan to go see it.

I was a bit disheartened upon reviewing the cast list to see that it suffers from "default male" syndrome wherein all the wacky monster/animal characters are guys and the pretty, oversized human is the only girl.

OTOH, from the synopsis, this makes sense considering the characters are sourced from 50s monster movies.