Giant Gollum sculpture goes fishing in the Wellington Airport

Visitors to the Wellington Airport can now dine beneath the hungry eyes of Gollum. In honor of the upcoming Hobbit movie, the Weta Workshop has installed a 13-meter sculpture of the Ring-obsessed creature reaching for some tasty New Zealand rainbow trout.

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Weta co-director Richard Taylor and supervisors Rob Gillies and Sarah Morris designed and built the giant Gollum, which took three days to hoist up in the terminal and looks as though it might spring to life at the slightest glint of a gold ring. has more photos of the sculpture, including a few from Weta of the work in progress.

Also, thanks to tipster RedCrown, here's the latest Hobbit TV spot, with our first bit of talking Troll.


Gollum swoops into Wellington Airport []

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