Giant Gelatinous Fish Found in Brazil

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Researchers have found a bizarre fish floating off the coast of Brazil: a creature six feet in length with no scales, little muscle mass, and a largely gelatinous body.


Researchers from Brazil's TAMAR Project, a sea turtle conservation group, found the dead fish floating near the surface off the Bahia Coast. Although the researchers initially believed they had discovered an entirely new species off fish, ichthyologists believe this odd creature belongs to the Jellynose family of fishes, although no Jellynose has ever been spotted near Brazil. Because of their limited muscle mass, the bodies of the Jellynose are largely gelatinous, and can grow to about six feet in length and up to 100 pounds.

Bizarre Gelatinous Fish Found in Brazil [National Geographic]

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Chip Skylark of Space

The baby jellynose isn't scary- you need a picture of an adult to get the full effect.

The video of the fish they actually pulled up is even worse.

Here you go: