Giant Gandalf statue declares "You Shall Not Pass!" at New Zealand's Hobbit premiere

Illustration for article titled Giant Gandalf statue declares You Shall Not Pass! at New Zealands Hobbit premiere

The world premiere of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit Part One: First Blood or whatever it's called will be held at the Embassy Theater in Jackson's native New Zealand on November 28th, and to commemorate the occasion, they've built a giant, Argonath-esque statue of Gandalf to oversee the gala, smoke pipeweed, insult Tooks, and what not. It's not the wackiest of Hobbit promos - I'd nominate the New Zealand Air PSA for that - but it's worth pointing out that if one of Japan's giant Gundam statues ever attacks, we finally have a means of defending ourselves. There are more pics of the statue getting set up at The Embassy's Facebook page if you're so inclined.


[Via First Showing]

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