Giant City Briefly Escapes Destruction as Godzilla Vs. Kong Gets Delayed a Week

Samesies, Kong. Samesies.
Samesies, Kong. Samesies.
Image: Warner Bros.

Good news, residents of the giant unnamed neon metropolis seen in the Godzilla Vs. Kong trailer. You have one extra week to evacuate your citizens, make sure all your insurance is up to date, and get your affairs in order, because the titanic tussle is now taking place on March 31.


Why would Warner Bros., after making us utterly salivate at the badassery of the upcoming beatdown previewed in Sunday’s trailer, suddenly decide to postpone Godzilla Vs. Kong from March 26 and instead debut it in theaters but (more importantly and safely) on HBO Max seven days later? Does an effect need to be finished? Is Godzilla being a diva about something? Did somebody forget to turn the oven off and have to go home to Skull Island real quick? No man can truly say. At least it’s only a week! (Variety notes that the movie will still open March 26 in parts of the world where HBO Max is not available.)


guys I want to see a giant ape punch a radioactive lizard so goddamn bad

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As someone whose birthday is riiiight near that date (and this pandemic has lost me a couple released-right-on-or-around-my-birthday movies, though that is something that has never really mattered to me before), I feel the need to point out that 31 March is not seven days after 26 March. A Wednesday release feels rather weird, even trying to factor in HBO Max doesn’t seem to explain a Wednesday release date. I guess Easter is that weekend, so that may explain it, but... still, Wednesday?? Do you Americans take a whole week off for Easter like you seem to for Thanksgiving?