GI Joe's New Villain Cries Crocodile Tears

Cobra Commander isn't the only familiar face appearing for the first time in IDW's new Cobra series; the more obscure (and more awesome) Croc Master is making his debut, as well. Click through to see the weirdness in action.

The first issue of GI Joe: Cobra II is released this Wednesday. Here's how IDW describe it:

Chuckles is the only man alive to have successfully infiltrated Cobra... and he's M.I.A. Has he been killed? Defected? Gone rogue to fight a one-man war against the enemy? None of these alternatives are acceptable to General Hawk. He wants Chuckles back with G.I. Joe, so he's sending a new Joe to retrieve him. But what she finds may be worse than anyone could have imagined... Also, get a deeper look inside Cobra than ever before, as Tomax, Xamot, and Erika continue to feel the effects of the previous miniseries, and several Cobra operatives are introduced for the first time in an IDW book!


We were surprised by how much we enjoyed the first series, so consider the sequel worth looking into.


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