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Does the announcement of the new Ghostbusters movie kill the previously-announced Ghostbusters video game? That's a rumor that's going around following Thursday's news that the silver screen will, once again, be filled by men who ain't afraid of no ectoplasmic personification of the recently-and-otherwise deceased. But is the movie really the reason the game has disappeared and, if we're honest, wouldn't we rather have a movie than a game?Newsarama reports that all orders for the game - originally due out at Hallowe'en this year, and then reported to be pushed back to mid-2009 - have been cancelled by retailer Gamestop, along with all mention of the game disappearing from their "upcoming releases" list. One potential reason why is that the game's producers, Sierra, were purchased earlier this year, throwing their entire release schedule into confusion - but another is that the new movie is rumored to be a reboot of the franchise, making the game (which features participation and voice acting from all of the original cast) akin to a Battlestar Galactica product starring Dirk Benedict. As Newsarama points out, the official website for the game is still up (and still bearing the Sierra logo), so there's every possibility that the project hasn't become a ghost of its former self just yet. But as plans for the new movie move forward, the window for release gets smaller. Will this game become a casualty of Hollywood's desire to remake everything, or will fans have their day in the non-stream-crossing sun? Only time will tell. Ghostbusters the Game in Jeopardy? [Newsarama]


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