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Ghostbusters 3: Find Out Where It All Begins

Illustration for article titled Ghostbusters 3: Find Out Where It All Begins

While the latest Ghostbusters film moves forward by confirming its director, we wonder where will the project even begin, now that all of our ghost-gathering heroes of past are all retired? Thankfully a little more has been revealed.


Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters 1 and 2) is officially on to direct Ghostbusters 3. Bloody Disgusting confirmed his involvement along with this little juicy script detail.

Apparently, the sequel takes place when the paranormal researchers "reopen" their ghost removal service after it has been closed for quite a few years.


Please, let their first client be the Mayor's idiot son or the angry doctor's child, because nothing would give me more pleasure than to hear Bill Murray, who is confirmed to have some sort of involvement, deliver this gem again....

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DISCUSSION recently had part of an interview from Harold Ramis where he mentioned GB3 would involve 2012 in some way. While I'm already a little over the Mayan Doomsday thing, I think the only people who can truly deal with such an thing is, in fact, the Ghostbusters.