"Ghost Rider 2" will beat the flaming ass of "Ghost Rider"

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Ghost Rider is the perfect hero, which is to say a dude with a skull on top of a supernatural, burning ultrabike. And now Crank directors Neveldine and Taylor are in talks to direct Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance.

After the letdown of flaming horserider flick Jonah Hex - which was taken from Neveldine and Taylor after they wrote the script - this is the best news I've heard in the burning antihero department all week. Imagine the complete, balls-out insanity of Crank, crossed with the already-existing insanity of Nicolas Cage playing a flaming motorcycle guy. Fuck yeah.

According to Cinematical, plot details are vague, but:

Last we heard it was taking the demonic rider to Europe, where he would have "a history of theology" to dabble in, and occult themes that would steer him away from the supernatural southwest. The idea was partly Cage's, but reportedly fleshed out by David S. Goyer. THR notes that if Neveldine and Taylor sign, it's likely they will rewrite the script.


Sign me up for a N/T rewrite and at least one scene of somebody licking something that's on fire.

via Cinematical

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This is what the end result of this will hopefully look like.