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Dreamworks are moving ahead with their plans for a live-action English-language version of manga classic Ghost In The Shell, assigning a high-profile new writer and announcing that it'll also be in 3D. We're calling it now: It's the next Avatar.

Variety report that Laeta Kalogridis - newly hot in Hollywood after completing the script for the upcoming Martin Scorcese movie Shutter Island, but better known to us as writer and executive producer for the Bionic Woman reboot of 2007 - will replace originally-announced writer Jamie Moss on the project, which Dreamworks is now planning to make in 3D.


The movie will be produced by Avi and Ari Arad, perhaps more familiar to fans as executive producers on Marvel movies like Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and Iron Man.

Kalogridis to adapt 'Ghost in the Shell' [Variety]

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