Ghost Cops Set Up At A&E

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A&E is sending actual Chicago cops into the paranormal world, to investigate the other-worldly activities that may be happening. Fingers crossed for barefoot meth-faced ghost chase scenes.


I'm from Chicago, and you do not screw around with the Chi-town cops. So these ghosts are in for a world of trouble if they get up to the same shenanigans that regular nutcases on Cops try to pull. Flashlight ends at the ready, slimer, they're not here to fuck around — now tell me how many beers did you have tonight sir?

This would be the next ghostly show on A&E following Paranormal State. While I'm not so keen on Paranormal State, I think Paranormal Cops could be pretty spectacular, but only if you work with the hardened city cops that are ready to bring these spirits downtown.



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Better they look for ghosts than beating up hippies.