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Ghibli's new movie features blistering coming-of-age-in-tranquil-1960s-Japan action

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WARNING: The above trailer for Studio Ghibli's next film, From Up on Poppy Hill, may not be suitable for all viewers. Specifically, if you have a fussy 2-year-old who does not like the vivid, flashing colors that virtually any animated video contains, or maybe if you have a racist grandfather who fought in WWII or something — those are the two viewers that this trailer might not be suitable for. Everyone else should probably be fine seeing the English trailer for Ghibli's next movie, a drama about two high school students in 1963 Yokohama, who meet during the city's preparation for the 1964 Olympics, and discover a shared secret that will change their lives for ever. TO THE X-TREME. /metal guitar solo


[Via Twitch]

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It has guaranteed Ghibli quality to its style, but I'm still kind of concerned; Goro Miyazaki is not that great a director. He's only a big name thanks to his father and he has only managed to produce inferior imitations of the elder Miyazaki's style. I'll have to check the reviews to see if he's improved or not before I decide whether to go see this.