Getting Ready for the Final Battle

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This looks like the poster for an awesome science fiction film that we'd like to see: a girl in a giant hulking exoskeletal suit of armor with her comic-effect tiny little robotic pal perched on her shoulder. You've got evil signified by the pouring lava on the left hand side of the background, while fighters triumphantly scream past a proud city on the right. Whatever is happening here, we want to know more.


Sadly, it's not a movie poster. It's the personal creation of visual artist Yanick Dusseault, who provided concept art on GATTACA, 3D work on Titan AE, and painted matte paintings on everything from Star Wars to The Island. Somehow, he also manages to find time to work on an impressive array of his own personal artwork (like this piece), which can be seen at his website.

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I have to say it looks like he may have been inspired the gorgeous (if slightly less digitally realistic) work of one of my favorite webcomics, Dresden Codak []

The girl with goggles, the exoskeleton with feathers, the little robot friend (named Hob in the comic) the descending pillars of fire and explosions with ships overhead... While none of these are unique in themselves, for them all to appear in such close proximity in both is suspicious at best.