The movie eXistenZ is many things: a commentary on videogame madness, a chance to see Jennifer Jason Leigh caress a nipple-covered biological game controller, and a seriously weird "what is real" tale that doesn't always work. It's one of David "The Fly" Cronenberg's lesser films for a good reason. And yet there are moments in it that truly shine, such as this one when the squeamish Jude Law decides he needs to get a bioport โ€” a game port in his spine โ€” so he can jack into virtual reality and play Jennifer Jason Leigh's cool game called (what else?) eXistenZ. Unfortunately, he needs an untraceable gameport in the middle of the night, so he visits a local gas station to get one under the table. Who better than Willem Dafoe to shoot that sucker into his spine? [eXistenz]