Get Your Summer Movie Thrills Early

With the major publishers taking it easy after recent big events, it falls to independent books to come up with movie tie-ins and new ideas this week... Thankfully, they're more than up to the task.

Firstly, let's get Marvel and DC out of the way; the former is pushing Secret Invasion pretty hard this week, with four collections from the storyline coming out (Frontline, Incredible Hercules, Thunderbolts and the definite pick of the bunch, Captain Britain and MI-13, written by Doctor Who's Paul Cornell and highly recommended). DC, meanwhile, offers the final Diana Prince retro Wonder Woman collection, as well as the somewhat pricey ($295) Rorschach Prop Gun and Mask Set, in case you want to pretend to be a crazy guy who eats too many beans.


Of course, if Watchmen isn't your 2009 movie of choice, IDW would like to have a word... Especially this week, when they're releasing the first collection of their alternate world Transformers epic All Hail Megatron and the first issue of the self-explanatory GI Joe: Origins series.

If you'd rather get a jump on the movies of tomorrow, however, perhaps you should take a look at The Zombies That Ate The World, the undead satire from French publisher Les Humanoids, or perhaps Andrea Atoms, the debut of a new Flash Gordon-esque female space hero. You can even catch up on indie superhero soap Dynamo 5 with a specially-priced "zero issue" to fill in all the gaps in your knowledge.


Pick of the week, though, is The Great Unknown, a series we've previously covered, and one that simply doesn't disappoint: What if someone really was taking the best ideas out of your head? This new series will answer that question... and teach you new reasons to be paranoid in the process.


Remember, your local comic store can always be found, of course, via the Comic Shop Locator Service, but this week more than many offers the chance to meet the new. Check the complete list of this week's new comic releases if you don't believe me.

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