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Twilight fans, hurry up and pre-order your opening-night tickets right now, so you won't be left on the cold curb sobbing and screaming, while the rest of your buddies are sobbing and screaming inside the theater. Right now you can pre-order your Twilight goodness on Fandango. Also, we've got a batch of new clips including smoldering sexy-faced vampire Robert Pattinson giving his human girlfriend all sorts of lover eyes and then protecting her from the other scary vamps, True Blood-style.What If I'm The Bad Guy?


TV Spot For Twilight:

Twilight tells the story of modern day vampires, specifically one Edward Cullen (Pattinson), who falls in love with the new girl Bella Swan (Stewart). Their young love has to stand up against Cullen's mysterious past, his family of vamps and the not-so-friendly fangers that want nothing but to cause mayhem and eat Cullen's lady. Twilight will be released in theaters on November 21.

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